Meet Tina.

Crazy.  Spend time with me and you’ll soon realize I’m crazy.  Crazy about my husband of over 30 years, crazy about our children, crazy about our grandson, and crazy about Southlake Carroll Dragon football.  I’m also crazy about photography, the beach, good guacamole and chips, and remembering to keep a sense of humor when times are tough.  Laughter really is the best medicine.

Random but true facts:

I met my husband on a school bus when we were 13 years old.

All three of our children’s first, middle and last name letters add up to 17 which is the number my husband wore as a high school football player.

My spirit animal is the beagle - loyal, happiest in a pack, and nose to the ground sniffing out the next adventure.

My hobbies include surfing the dollar bins at Target, pool days in the backyard, day dreaming, laughing with the ones I love, tailgating, and arguing with Siri.

Let's get together soon and plan our adventure!